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Nick Semenkovich

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About Me

I graduated from MIT in 2009 with a B.S. in Course 6 (EECS) and a B.S. in Course 7 (Biology). I also served as Editor in Chief of the student newspaper The Tech, and now I'm frequently on PBS's Stay Tuned as a science & health contributor.

I'm currently pursuing an M.D./Ph.D. in the Gordon Lab at Washington University School of Medicine as part of the NIH Medical Scientist Training Program.

When I'm not in lab, I'm either studying web app security (I've been recognized by Google, among others), or contributing to open-source projects such as the EFF's plugin HTTPS Everywhere.

In the medical realm, I sometimes hack on advancing open educational resources (which lag far behind even MIT's OpenCourseWare project). I'm also hoping to ensure doctors & nurses get flu vaccines, which (strangely) aren't required for health care workers — even though many other vaccines are (my Missouri representative recently introduced a bill).

If you're incredibly bored, you can follow my main-belt asteroid, which looks like it's having a great time just a bit past Mars.


My (undoubtedly outdated) one-page resume: semenko-resume.pdf